Tree & Hedge Cutting

Neat, trouble free hedges need regular hedge cutting to keep them tidy and manageable. Taming unruly hedges is one of our specialties and you’ll be amazed how a simple hedge prune can make a huge difference to your garden. We recommend that you trim your hedges in Spring and Autumn each year to avoid the nesting season. We always do pre-checks before embarking on hedge cutting to ensure that no obvious wildlife habitats will be disturbed and we adhere to all the laws and guidelines that are in place to protect our furred and feathered friends.

Client satisfaction is incredibly important to us and many of our seasonal hedge maintenance customers have been with us since we started years ago and have often recommended us to their family and friends within county Dublin


We provide a wide range of garden landscaping services in Dublin and surrounding areas to suit your need and budget. There are many aspects to landscaping from paving and decking to walling and fencing. You can use a combination of these elements to create a truly unique garden space.
Well designed and chosen planting can really add those finishing touches or wow factor to your garden. Every garden is different so dependent on the light and shade in your garden and soil type, this will assist in choosing the most appropriate types of plants and planting layout. We can offer suggestions as to what will suit your type of garden.
Garden fencing can serve many purposes, from defining boundaries to decoration and privacy. Designs can range from simple palisade fencing to stylish or contemporary and we can provide a large choice of fencing to suit your needs.
Garden Walling
Walling a garden is a great way to make your outdoor areas feel completely at one with the rest of your home. Improving security and privacy while reducing disruption and damage by wind, walling also encourages climbing plants, giving a peaceful traditional feel. Critically, a wall has pleasing permanence and makes the garden a really relaxing place to be.

Steam Cleaning Driveways

Do you need your patio or driveway cleaned? Why not contact us?  We offer quality pressure washing services at highly competitive prices in county Dublin. We use low and high pressure equipment to ensure that your patio is cleaned thoroughly. Our experienced team of cleaners will visit your property, discuss your needs and work hard to complete the job on time and within the agreed budget. Take advantage of our free quotes today!

  • Brick and stone jet washing
  • Steam cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Patio and driveway cleaning

Roof Cleaning

If your roof is covered in moss, dirt, grime and you want to know the cost of roof cleaning we can certainly help. We cover Dublin City and the surrounding areas. We are able to provide free roof cleaning quotes across most of the county Dublin. This means that affordable roof cleaning moss removal services are now available to homeowners!

The climate across the Ireland varies throughout the year; from hot summers to warm wet winters and most roofs, like any part of a home, have a habit of getting dirty. Damp roof tiles are very susceptible to the growth of moss and algae which can cause damage to a roof if left over a long period. Furthermore, most homeowners do not have the equipment or the desire to attempt roof cleaning. This means that employing the skills of a professional roof cleaner is the only option when roof cleaning moss removal is required.

Driveway Restoration

We can provide all types of services for driveway restoration in Dublin and the surrounding counties. Sometimes it’s just not feasible to get a completely new driveway laid and to be honest, in some cases, driveway restoration and repairs can get your driveway back to pristine condition.

We can always tailor our approach around each customers exact specifications and requirements. For example, if it isn’t convenient for us to undertake the driveways work on a certain date or time, then we can work around your preferences easily. Competitive Rate Home Maintenance aim to provide the most professional driveway restoration in Dublin and throughout the surrounding counties.

Our team also offer a wide range of services for surface sealing, surface repairs and surface cleaning in Dublin.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a chore that most home owners hate and struggle to complete. We are here in county Dublin to help you maintain your gutters, so you never need to shimmey up that old ladder again that barely reaches to the top of the gutters. There is no need to get your hands dirty, our professional gutter cleaning service is mess-free, futhermore, we use the best, most powerful gutter cleaning machines developed to suck out all that nasty gutter waste that is blocking your gutters.

Before you comit to any gutter cleaning maintenance, you can benefit from our free gutter inspection service, exclusively provided by Competitive Rate Home Maintenance.  One our experienced team members will check your gutters to see if any gutter cleaning or gutter repair maintenance is required, before paying a penny!

For your peace of mind and to prevent any future surprises, your inspection will be completed by a trained expert and will include a valuable check over your roof, tiles/pointing, soffit, fascias, valleys, and gutters checking for good condition and order.

Window Cleaning

Competitive Rate Home Maintenance are a window cleaning Dublin company, who pride themselves in providing their customers with an outstanding and professional service. We use eco-friendly products to benefit the environment. Competitive Rate Home Maintenance have given great satisfaction to many customers thanks to our quality approach window cleaning, trained staff and efficient cleaning technologies.

We’re flexible with all our customers and pay attention to each requirement as necessary. We have done away with the need to be locked into a lengthy contract and are happy with providing a flexible service that suits the needs of our customers.

At Competitive Rate Home Maintenance we think about our customer first. Whoever you are a commercial or a domestic client from county Dublin, we aim to provide a second to none service to meet your expectations. We take pride in our professionalism and efficiency and this is reflected in our working alongside you in a manner that causes the least disruption to your business or home.

We’re happy to give you advice and prepare an individual offer that will suit your requirements.

Roof Tail Repair

Roof repairs are often seen as something that can be delayed. An ‘out of sight, out of mind’ problem. What some people don’t realise is that a tiny leak, and the resulting wet patch in the corner of your ceiling, can develop into a problem that affects the main structure of your home, requiring extensive and expensive repair.

Our team has one simple aim: to fix the problem and prevent it returning. You’ll get a high standard of work, and complete value for money. No ‘quick-fixes’, just sound repairs.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of all things that can go wrong with a roof, and, more importantly, how to repair those things! Regardless of the issue, or type of roof, we’re confident that we have the ‘man for the job’!

Here are just a few areas of roof repair we cover in county Dublin…

General repair – Anything and everything from tiny roof cracks, to gushing leaks. Often the seemingly small and ‘obvious’ issues can lead to big problems, if left untreated.

Tile repair and replacement – A slipped tile or slate shouldn’t be ignored. Slipped tiles can often fall, posing a real threat to the safety of you and others around you. Don’t delay in getting those tiles fixed, realigned or replaced – it could save you a lot of regret (and money!)

Gutter repair and replacement – Gutters are a key element of any home or building, acting as protection against weather-related damage. They also provide an appealing visual element to your structure. We believe that keeping a regular check on your guttering is important, and we’re happy to fix and replace any gutter glitch you may have.

Weather damage – A common issue for homes and buildings that fall victim to the unpredictable Irish weather, is discovering that your seemingly sturdy roof simply couldn’t take that freak downpour. We’ll work to repair weather damaged roofs and offer you advice about ongoing ‘weather resistant’ measures you should be taking.

Roof overhaul – Whether it’s an old roof that needs total replacement, or a brand new conversion crying out for a flat roof, we offer complete refurbishment and a broad range of design options. We’ll advise on what roof-type and treatments would work best for your structure, whilst always taking into account your needs, and your budget.


Whatever kind of business you’re operating, it is extremely important that your exterior matches your interior design. If your property doesn’t take full advantage of its curb appeal, you could be limiting your space. Failing to paint and treat your exterior spaces can limit your property’s potential. Here are Competitive Rate Home Maintenance, we can provide a full range of external painting services to help you take full advantage of your property.

Commercial, retail and industrial properties need to present a clean, professional aesthetic. Failing to do so can deter guests, lodgers and customers from considering your business. More and more properties are starting to realise the impact that their external designs can have on their business. As such, it is more important than ever that you take care of your property’s exterior. Whether you’re looking to make your retail outlet more attractive, or you want to ensure that your hotel take full advantage of its curb appeal, get in touch with our team today.

Over the years, the experienced team at Competitive Rate Home Maintenance have delivered painting and decorating services to a range of properties. Our experts have painted and treated all kinds of exterior surfaces. We can ensure that your property’s exterior is both resistant to damage and improves your building’s curb appeal.


Take advantage of our time-tested handyman Dublin services when you need a little help with home repairs and property maintenance.  Competitive Rate Home Maintenance is here to tackle your to-do list for you. This way you can be sure the job is done right and you don’t have to waste your free time. Just give us a call today and explain what’s the situation. Soon an expert tradesman will be on his way to your address to render you assistance with whatever you need.

A Wide Range Of Reliable Handyman Services by Top-Notch Professionals
When it comes to handyman services, all around the Dublin city know they can always trust us with their home improvement projects. Competitive Rate Home Maintenance has more than ten years of experience as a service provider and a huge basis of return clients. A single phone call is all it takes. We will complete any repairs and improvements your property needs in accordance to your specific requirements. We can help you with anything related to:

  • Electrical Work
  • TV mounting and installation
  • Furniture assembly service
  • Plumbing and Drainage
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Refurbishment and Renovation Services
  • Any Odd Job you can think of